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New Roofs Coming
     FUMC is replacing three of our 23 primary roofs on Wesley Center.  Work will be done on the glass hall roof just  outside the Fireside Lounge overlooking the roses.  Also, tear off and replacement will be done on the 3rd floor Wesley Center apartment roof and on the 3rd floor Wesley Center east apartment roof looking out to the courtyard toward the Community Center.
     This project will last approximately 45 days and will be somewhat inconvenient. Some of the “staging” of equipment and materials will be in reserved parking spaces which will need to be blocked off.  Removal of the stone on the current roofs is rather loud and somewhat dusty, so we apologize in advance.  The good news is these new Firestone EPDM adhered roofs will not have stone replaced on them, which gives them a longer life and are much easier to maintain should a leak occur.  We will receive the Firestone Red Shield 15 year roof system warranty on this project when completed. FUMC’s Board of Directors approved this improvement which will cost $200,000.